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Room Demo

The Room Demo is a simple Visual Basic home decoration animation of a bathroom. It serves no purpose whatsoever. It was done by my colleague Victor to show that a room designer or an interior decorator application could be possible. It did not progress further than a single room. There are three texture packs which you can choose from. There is no other customization.

You can download the demo. — .ZIP file, 1.3 MB

Disclaimer: It does work on Windows 10.

The demo uses glut32 for OpenGL.
These are the three texture files.

You can use F1, F2 and F3 to switch between textures. The arrow keys should direct the camera and W is a wireframe view.

The original readme.txt had the following keybindings:


sagetile directionale - miscarea camerei
F - freeze - inghetati imaginea in loc
W - wireframe - vizualizarea modelului
F1 - F3 - mai multe texturi aplicate pe model