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BOOM Benchmark

The BOOM Benchmark is a DirectX 6 engine developed for testing purposes. DirectX 6 was the hot new thing so making something work and taking advantage of the new rendering techniques proved to be a good exercise.

You can download the benchmark. — .ZIP file, 124 KB

Disclaimer: It does work on Windows 10. However, you might experience errors if you try unsupported resolutions.


A, Z - miscarea view-ului in sus si in jos
O, P - miscarea view-ului in stanga si in dreapta
X - a sta ghemuit (crouch)
SPACE - a sari
Up key - a merge inainte
Down key - a merge inapoi
Left key - miscarea view-ului spre stanga
Right key - miscarea view-ului spre dreapta
Home, PageUp - strafe la stanga si la dreapta
Mouse - miscarea view-ului

To showcase the demo, I captured a video of me running around the test map.

Boom Benchmark Logo

The original Boom Benchmark logo