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My Resume

Disclaimer: As some of you have asked, here is my current resume. It is by no means exhaustive. It does not in fact list everything I have done, it’s just the one I send out to publications, publishers, students or faculty. Most of the stuff that I’ve done (which is thoroughly showcased on this website) is not listed. Now, don’t go thinking that I’m not proud of my work — because mostly I’m not — it’s just that I was so young when I made most of the stuff you’ll find on this website that it may not represent either my best work, or my current career goals. So I just leave it out of the resume. Now, on to the good stuff:

Alexandru Duță
E-mail: alex [at]

Assistant Professor, West University Timisoara
September 2018 – current

I took on the Geostrategy and Geopolitics seminars, the Public Policy course and seminar, the Global Governance seminars as well as the Geopolitics vs. Geoeconomy seminars at the Political Science undergraduate school. My work varies from semester to semester but is usually comprised of 8 to 14 lectures for each course and seminar. Aditionally, I supervise over 15 undergraduate students during their final year before defending their Bachelor’s thesis. My role as scientific coordinator is to guide them through the process of writing their thesis.

Teacher, William Shakespeare High School Timisoara
September 2018 – September 2020

I was asked by my former alma mater to take up and teach Economics to high school students. To further complete my curriculum, I took on two more classes of Business education. Both Economics and Business education are required courses.

PR Specialist, Association for the Development and Promotion of Tourism in Timis
March 2018 – September 2018

As a member of the association, I was tasked with the organization and implementation of various projects relating to tourism in Timis county. These ranged from small press conferences to large three-day public festivals. During this time I gained working knowledge of in-depth PR duties and succeeded in generating valuable resources and widespread attention and recognition for the association. During my short time I managed to develop and help launch a tourist guide mobile app, designed to provide visitors with a one-stop answer to all their needs — from current events, to restaurants, tour guides, hotels, walking tours, various attractions and other useful information. I also help design and implement the advertising and promotion campaign associated with the app launch.

Inspector, Banat National Museum Timisoara
August 2016 – November 2017

Having previous experience with various duties related to a working national museum, I was tasked to quickly set-up a PR department, a media and IT department as well as promote and curate a number of exhibitions. As PR liaison I was tasked with writing copy (including press releases) as well as making sure all museum actions were published in the local (and sometimes national) press. In the media and IT department, I spearheaded the set-up of a new server to house the museums’ website as well as serve as storage base for all curator needs. Thanks to my experience I was also given free hand to design a new logo, website and all brand identity materials for the museum. As such, all subsequent exhibitions and events held at the museum had press and promotional materials (including posters, invitations, social media advertisements, and so forth) designed by me in-house. During my tenure at the museum, I curated a number of exhibitions including Patrimonium 2016, Traian Vuia – 110 Years and Heinrich Schliemann – Troy.

Senior Consultant, Peles National Museum Sinaia
June 2016 – September 2016

Former employer commissioned me to help them rebrand the museum. I provided a new brand identity in a very short time. The work also required a complete overhaul (including redesign and reprogramming) of the museum website. Finally, I was tasked to migrate ten years’ worth of data from the old website to the new one.

Product Designer, Recas Winery
July 2016

I was commissioned to design a bottle and its special packaging for a special limited edition wine that was subsequently sold throughout the country and also exported and sold internationally by Recas Winery.

Marketing Manager, Athena Hospital Timisoara
March 2014 – July 2014

I was contacted and hired by the new Deloitte-appointed manager of the hospital to revitalize sales and practically relaunch the hospital. I had a limited-time contract to fulfill certain criteria, including complete rebranding, new PR department, spokesperson, call center and more. My responsibilities included hiring and overseeing a marketing department, the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy including several targeted campaigns which included detailed metrics and KPIs. During my tenure at Athena Hospital, I hired 15 new employees and oversaw a department of 30.

Photographer, Bucharest Municipal Museum
May 2014

Several of my photographs of various paintings and artworks were published in the catalogue for the Constantin Iachie temporary exhibition.

Photographer, RMN Grand Palais Paris & Cartier
December 2013

A photograph of Queen Marie of Romania’s sapphire in a Philip de László painting that I shot was included in the Cartier: Style and History exhibition and subsequent art catalogue. I was also invited to give a talk about de László’s paintings and his connection to the Romanian Royal Family at the exhibition opening at the Grand Palais museum in Paris (February 2014).

Photographer, Taschen Publishing House Berlin
October 2011

In October 2011 I met and organized a visit of a head of publishing at Taschen Berlin to check that thirteen previously unknown Gustav Klimt paintings at the Peles National Museum in Sinaia were authentic and deemed worthy of inclusion in the (then) upcoming Gustav Klimt anthology catalogue. The photographs of the paintings were done by Luciano Romano and myself. After contracts were drawn up for the publishing of the paintings’ photographs in the catalogue, I hosted the head of publishing for Taschen to meet with the museum director and the National Heritage Commision of Romania, who also needed to sign-off on the photographs being published.

Referent, Peles National Museum Sinaia
November 2008 – December 2014

After getting my Bachelor’s degree, I took a position at the Peles National Museum. During this time, I became a key person, in charge of IT, marketing, PR and business relationships. As head of IT, I designed and implemented the museum’s website, from design concept to programming as well as various updates throughout. I served as systems administrator for the 30 or so computers used in the museum. I maintained their hardware and software. As needs arose, I programmed different solutions (PHP, SQL) for event ticketing and curator inventory of assets (complete with digital asset management). As graphic designer I designed over 30 posters, promotional and marketing materials for the museum, including national exhibitions and print ads that were then published nationwide. I also designed and oversaw printing of over 15 art catalogues (ranging from 40 to 276 pages), complete with ISBN and distribution in bookstores. I was responsible for everything regarding their design (including photography of artworks). I oversaw complete DTP so that the final work was sent straight to the printing presses (bypassing a publishing house and added costs). As museum photographer, I was solely responsible for all art photography including paintings, metalwork, ceramics, glassware, and more. My photographs were published by Taschen, Artmark, Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar and others. My marketing and PR duties included copywriting of all materials released by the museum (including press releases and social media posts). Although the museum had no advertising budget, I achieved over 50 000 likes on Facebook, mostly thanks to catchy and out-of-the-box posts, clever marketing and no-cost promotions (2 for 1 tickets, take a picture for a free visit, etc.). All communication coming from the museum was handled by me, including press releases and spokesperson duties. I also served as de-facto tour guide for visiting dignitaries and foreign officials. As business liaison I oversaw the negotiation and contracting of over 30 businesses as sponsors of the museum (including Philips, Zentiva/Sanofi, Ferrero). I also planned events in collaboration with the Royal House of Romania and the Romanian Government. Guests included (HRH King Michael I of Romania, then prime-minister Victor Ponta and former prime ministers Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Petre Roman).

PhD, West University Timisoara
2014 – 2018

My thesis is about opportunities and weaknesses regarding European integration. I worked on topics ranging from geopolitics to the economics of integration. I applied various techniques to identify the best possible outcome despite current political turmoil (a federal European super-state) as well as an intermediary position (network governance) that would work in the present.

MPhil, West University Timisoara
2008 – 2010

M Phil in Anthropology and Cultural Management. Covert topics such as sociology and psychology as well as management techniques.

BSc, SNSPA Bucharest
2005 – 2008

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and European Relations from the National School of Political Science and Administration (SNSPA) in Bucharest. Specialized in international law.

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