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I started a blog

I do not wish to impart on you my everyday whims and movements. There are two reasons for this: firstly, you would be unbelievably bored; and secondly, I will forget to detail most of my daily activities. I have been invited to a bunch of things these past few weeks. People have called to invite me to Christmas parties, University activities and get-togethers and various family functions. Not being used to such popularity, I naturally said ‘yes’ to everything, without knowing if anything clashes or, even more importantly, remembering when anything is. It’s a downright miracle I ever get anywhere I’m supposed to be.

And the reason for all of this is that I’ve never kept a diary. Oh sure, I’ve started many of them, especially at the start of a new year. But, usually by February, the entries are getting pretty sparse. By March, I’ve usually lost it. However, this time, it’s an online diary of sorts. I’ve taken an interest and actually researched this, and when diaries are online they tend to be called blogs. Now I don’t really like that name, it usually implies a self-importance given to the mundane, typical of millennial attention spans and useless Internet speak. But I have started one now, and I hope it’ll prove useful in the long run.

I have a few rules for it though. First off: no run-of-the-mill everyday stuff. It has to be poignant and it has to mean something. Whether my entries will be anecdotes, sporadic thoughts or, more probably, updates for what I’m working on. This is mostly what I plan to focus on. The goal of this thing is to be able to look back and see what I was working on, when, and what my thoughts on it were at the time. Sometimes, I wish I had done this sort of thing a lot earlier, especially for projects undertaken during the early 2000s. Secondly, these blog posts should not happen frequently and they do have to have a shelf-life. If I do have something to say, it better damn well make sense for someone else to read it as well, and not just in the week it was written in. This throws out any news items, hardware or software launches or, I don’t know… anything that dates quickly. I want these posts to make sense now but also ten years from now. Finally, I want these posts to not drag on for pages and pages. They should be like cookies. You see it, you want it, you eat it and then you’re done. No faffing about, no extraneous literature just for the sake of it (trust me, I’ve done it on numerous occasions).

And that’s about it. If you do manage to take time out of your day to peruse my thoughts, more power to you.