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Four months on

It’s been over four months since I said I’d start this diary of sorts. And by the looks of it, I neglected it completely, just like I sort of knew I would. In any case, I’m here now so that’s great. It’s a bright and sunny Sunday morning and I woke up today feeling good and pumped up to write. Something. Anything. And lo and behold, I thought about my missed attempt at starting a blog so here I am now.

What’s new? The teaching part of my life has been great so far. The consensus between the people who actually make decisions (regarding me and the rest of the faculty) has been that I’ve been doing a good job. This has probably been spurred on by the fact that the students also seem to like me. This has led to me getting way more work by being assigned more classes — including my very own course: Public Policy for second year undergraduates.

Adjusting to this literal mountain of work has been difficult but not unrewarding. I have written what must be a few hundred pages of support literature for the course as well as for the other seminars I teach (we are now up to five!). During this time, the third year undergrads who have a thesis due in a few months have also been bothering me about their work and I have to direct them in various ways to achieve their academic goals.

To sum it up: I’ve been busy. Busier than maybe ever.

Subsequently, I seem to have neglected a lot of other things that I had planned to do or take care of in my life. I haven’t thoroughly played through a video game or watched a couple of movies in the last six months… and that’s downright depressing. I have been able to catch up on a few TV shows, but that’s because they’re relatively short and can sometimes run in the background while I do course-work. I am looking forward to spring break when I plan to catch up on everything I have been missing. Don’t be surprised if my next post will show up around spring break time too.